We breed beautiful miniature poodles that excel in conformation and performance. We have produced many AKC and UKC Champions. Although conformation is so very important, temperaments are first and foremost! We breed blacks, whites and browns. We do all health testing per Poodle Club of America guidelines. All testing can be verified on the OFA site.

Email || CaralotPoodles.com

Abounding Poodles
Beautiful Red, White, & Apricot Toy Poodle Puppies Available!

DON’T SETTLE FOR THE BACKYARD BREEDER! Many claim “champion lines” but are generations away from an AKC Champion. Our puppies have at least 1 AKC Champion parent.

OUR BREEDING PROGRAM: We breed for quality, health, and sweetness. Disproportionate heads with big bugged out eyes, bent backs, crooked short bassethound legs… not at all what a poodle should be.

GENETIC TESTS: Our dogs are DNA tested for PRA-prcd, vWD, and OFA patellar certified.

AVAILABLE: Pet or show quality pups to qualified families.  Red, white, and apricot puppies available now!

Email || AboundingPoodles.com


Absolutely Pampered Poodles

Beautiful Standard Puppies Available!

Absolutely Pampered Poodles is located in North Carolina and breeds Standard poodles only. We take great pride in breeding only by AKC guidelines. Health and temperament is our top priority in our poodles, even though breeding is only a hobby for our family. Therefore, we do not have a large kennel to come and visit. Although, we do welcome visitors to our home to see our available puppies and parents. Our poodles are members of our family and are loved very much. We are accredited with the BBB.

Email || AbsolutelyPamperedPoodles.com


Alegros Poodles

Please visit our website for puppy updates

Toy Poodles in Silver, Blue, & White and Miniature Poodles in Apricot & Red for Show or Loving. We are a small show/hobby breeder of quality toy and miniature poodles. We are careful in breeding only healthy poodles with sound temperament. All parents are fully health tested (OFA certified). Lifetime Support. Puppies are in home born and raised. Our dogs live in the house with us and are treated like family. Pets sold on AKC limited registration and show puppies co-owned. Deposits accepted. Registries: AKC, Silver Poodle Club, Lone Star Poodle Club, Columbia Poodle Club, Mission Trail Poodle Club

Email || AlegrosPoodles.com


Anna-Ash Poodles

Check out our Puppy Page!

We are a small in home breeder of health tested miniature and standard poodles! We raise and show both solid and multicolor poodles with emphasis on health, temperament and longevity. We strive towards the breed standard with every generation while providing wonderful family companions and performance partners! We invite you to come fall in love with a poodle. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them!

Email || AnnaAshPoodles.com || Facebook.com/AnnaAshPoodles


Argan Poodles
Please visit our website for puppy updates

Standard Poodles of Distinction in Black, White and Blue For Show or Loving. Genetic Testing on parents and Lifetime Support. Temperament Testing preformed at 7 weeks and Early Stimulation Exercises started at birth to strengthen their immune systems and have high achiever personalities. Pets sold on limited registration and show puppies co owned. Located minutes from Dallas, TX.  Deposits accepted.  Registries: AKC, Lone Star Poodle Club

Email || 972-658-7121 || Website

Safe Shipping Available


Big Sky Poodles

Puppies available!

Producing quality, healthy, and happy AKC standard poodles. Health tested parents that are our pets first. Litters bred for our next show prospect with the betterment of the breed in mind. All puppies born in our home and raised there with the same care as if we were keeping them all. Black, blue, and browns predominately, but occasionally creams. Once you get one of our puppies, you are also one of our family!

Email || BigSkyPoodles.com


Harlekin Standards, Toy Poodles

Harlekin Standards – Parti (black and white), or solid black or white Toy Poodles. Imported and Champion bloodlines. AKC registered. Elegance and Excellence.

Email || (337)581 5564

Caralot Poodles


We breed beautiful miniature poodles that excel in conformation and performance. We have produced many AKC and UKC Champions. Although conformation is so very important, temperaments are first and foremost! We breed blacks, whites and browns. We do all health testing per Poodle Club of America guidelines. All testing can be verified on the OFA site.

Email || CaralotPoodles.com

Champion Poodles

True Champion Miniature and Toy Puppies!

  • DON’T SETTLE FOR THE BACKYARD BREEDER! Many claim “champion lines” but are generations away from an AKC Champion. Our puppies have at least 1 AKC Champion parent.
  • OUR BREEDING PROGRAM: We breed for quality, health, and temperament.
  • GENETIC TESTS: Our dogs are DNA tested for all breed related genetic defects.

Email || ChampionPoodles.com

Danube Poodles

I take pride in producing healthy and quality Black and Red AKC Miniature Poodles. Immeasurable care and attention is given to each litter. My poodles are an intricate part of my family and they each get the individualized attention they need to excel in development of their temperaments. It’s important to research and understand the lifelong commitment involved in caring for these precious family members to insure many years of mutual sheared happiness.

I collaborate with breeders in Europe. This unique opportunity enables me to contribute to creating a more vast gene pool for the breed. I don’t breed for financial gain but with each generation of puppies, I’m passionately looking for the next champion show dog.

Above all, I breed for the betterment of the breed, health, and temperament. If you and yours are in search of a family companion that will absolutely warm your hearts and light up your life then the poodle breed is the right choice. I will answer as many questions you need answered to satisfy your queries, concerns, curiosity and share knowledge and provide advice for years to come. Prospective owners will be carefully screened to ensure that your next family addition will be nothing short of the perfect match.

Email || DanubePoodles.com


DuBois Standard Poodles
Visit our Poodle Nursery!

We raise and exhibit gorgeous Multicolor and Solid color Standard Poodles! Puppies sometimes available. AKC registered.  Please visit our website for information and a glimpse of our life with our beautiful dogs.  I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Email || DuBoisStandardPoodles.com

Forest Ridge Toy Poodles
Beautiful White & Silver Toy Poodle Puppies Available!

At Forest Ridge, our toy poodles are AKC registered and bred for the finest in show and companionship. We specialize in quality white and silver toy poodles with impressive, champion & grandchampion line pedigrees. Our puppies have exceptional behavior, personality, well-being, and are raised to be very social.  They are active, loving, and each have individual, amazing personalities and temperaments.

Our puppies are bred for excellence in conformation and good health (PRA-PRCD tested “A”/Clear, Cerf tested Clear, good petella) and, of course, have the look that is most desired. They are a constant joy and will put smiles on your face.

Please visit our Facebook page to get up-to-date information and photos of our toy poodles and puppies. You can also visit our Website to learn more.

Email || (417) 624-4829 || ForestRidgeToyPoodles.com || Facebook page

Forever Poodles

AKC Breeder of Merit of Miniature Poodles

All puppies by AKC champion parent(s). All our dogs are fully health tested for genetic issues, and DNA tested against the issues we can test for and are all clear. We strive to breed only the highest show quality, healthy puppies for loving families to enjoy for many many years to come. Been breeding poodles for over 25 years and producing generations of very healthy beautiful poodles that are smart and fun to live with. You will not find a more beautiful, healthy, smart poodle with an outstanding guarantee anywhere else. Visit our website for tons of details, photos, health testing, current puppy pictures, and more. So after you’ve skimmed the rest, come adopt from the best. You can see everything on our website, so click o n the link and check out our puppies and amazing parents.

Email || ForeverPoodles.com

French Standard Poodles

Standard Poodle Puppies Available!
  • Parents are imported from Europe and have excellent longevity and health.
  • Bouncy and happy describe these fun Poodles.
  • We breed once a year and our girl is completely DNA tested thru EmbarkVet andBetterBred, plus has her CHIC number. PENN Hips.

Email || French Standard Poodles

Kameo Poodles

Puppies Available Now!

I am a reputable breeder of show quality Miniature and Standard poodles. All parents are fully health-tested before they are bred.  They live in the house with me, and puppies are lovingly raised and socialized in the home.

My poodles are AKC-registered, and suitable as companion, agility or show poodles.  Available in silver, silver beige, blue, black, white, and cream.

I have puppies available now.  Please contact me.

Email || 541-550-0410 || KameoPoodles.com


Lacy Lane Poodles
Click here for available poodles!

Beautiful, healthy, happy, socialized, trained Standard Poodle puppies whelped from health tested Champion lines. Raised on our ranch against the Wasatch Mountains inside our home with constant love and attention. Health testing on adult poodles include: OFA hips, eyes cerf, (DM) (NEwS) (vwd) AKC DNA. All puppies are vaccinated, wormed, and akc car micro-chipped.

Email || LacyLanePoodles.com

McEnery Standard Poodles

We are a family/small conservative breeder residing in the Houston Texas area that is excited to offer you a beautiful and healthy AKC registered standard poodle. Puppies come from health tested parents and are sold on LIMITED REGISTRATION. Our babies are a part of our family for the 1st 8 weeks of life until they are apart of yours. They live in the house with us and are socialized with a ton of human interaction, contact and love by my husband and me as well as our 5 beautiful children. At birth-3 weeks they are kept in a nice quiet nursery where they can grow and bond with their mother. At 4 weeks old they are brought out into our living room where they can get used to the sounds, smells and sights of life! Whether that be the noise of the TV, our children or myself cooking in the kitchen, they are used to human interaction to say the least! I also begin the house training process at 5 weeks old so that by the time they go home with you, they are 90% house trained. They will undergo an aptitude test at 49 days old so we can help in determining the best puppy that will nicely suit your family’s needs in your new family member however, I can see the different personality traits usually within the 1st few weeks. Poodles are a wonderful breed perfect for anyone and any age. They are great with children and are wonderful for allergy sufferers as they are non shedding and hypoallergenic. The poodle is extremely intelligent. This makes house breaking and training a breeze. The standard poodle was originally bred for hunting making him very strong and athletic, yet he is also a lovable and affectionate couch potato with a fun sense of humor too. He is very protective of his family making him a fine security system but don’t be surprised if this fierce and tough, gentle hearted furbaby climbs up in your arms and forgets that he isn’t a toy poodle! He is a standard poodle! Standard poodle families all agree that a poodle is not a dog, he is a poodle! They are quite magical and there is no breed like them. Waiting lists are open. If you would like to be added to our puppy list please contact me.

 Email || Facebook: McEnery Standard Poodles 



Mon Amie Standard Poodles

Champion lines. Health tested parents. Puppies are raised as a part of our family. Calm, intelligent temperaments. Our goal is healthy, happy, content puppies and happy success with their new families. We are available forever to accomplish this!! We love our puppies and puppy families. Show prospects and companion puppies available.

Email || MonAmieStandardPoodles.com

Natalie’s Poodles

NATALIE’S POODLES is a responsible breeder of standard poodles based in the mid-west, Harrisburg, Illinois.

I produce and show quality standard poodles.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have about standard poodles so feel free to contact me.  My puppies have a three-year health guarantee and lifetime support for your new puppy!

I am a breeder who is interested in maximizing my standard poodles and improving the poodle breed.  My standard poodles  compete in conformation,  obedience and agility.

I limit myself in only select breedings and routinely test for NE, SA, thyroid, hips, elbows, eyes and VwD. The purpose of these tests are to improve the standard poodle breed and to have healthy, well-rounded standard poodle puppies.

Please visit my website:  NataliesPoodles.com for further information about my breeding program.


Email || (618) 926-0967 || NataliesPoodles.com


On Pointe Toy Poodles

Click here to see our puppy page!

Here at On Pointe Toy Poodles, we strive to improve the breed through OFA testing and breeding to superior bloodlines. AKC and Canadian Champion Amity’s The Mentor is the foundation of my breeding.  I breed the rare Sliver Beige, Sliver, Brown and Blue.  Below is my poem dedicated to all poodles.


Poodles are beautiful.

Poodles are smart, but

Poodles are best at stealing your Heart!

Email || (850) 398-7303 || OnPointeToyPoodles.com

Posay Miniature Poodles
 Our Puppy Page!

AKC Miniature Poodles, small in home breeder striving to breed as close to AKC breed standard as possible. Parents health tested for genetic issues. Both solids and multicolor Miniature Poodles with emphasis on health, temperament and longevity. If you are looking for a companion to light up your life, Poodles make wonderful friends.

Call Charisse at (352) 792-4253


Email || (352) 792-4253 || Posay Miniature Poodles

Raspberry Woods Standard Poodles

Standard Poodle Puppies for sale in Ohio

Red and Dark Apricot coat colors. The Parents are our pets and live in our home. They have genetic testing and great temperaments. Puppies are raised in our home and come with a 2-year health guarantee.  Call me: (419)968-2577

Email || Raspberry Woods Standard Poodles

Sunset Maple Poodles

Red Standard Poodle Puppies AVAILABLE

Our puppies have the calm temperaments and intelligence for Service/ Therapy, Performance and to become loveable companions. Our goal is to breed for health, intelligence, color, and temperament. All puppies receive Bio Sensory Stimulation and socialization with adults, children and animals. These babies are lovingly raised and nurtured in our home until they are ready to go to your home. They will be up to date on shots, veterinarian checked, and come with a two year health guarantee.  Our pedigrees are available upon request. Parents OFA health tested.  Price is for limited AKC registration. Read more about our amazing poodles at our website, or email if you have questions.

Email || SunsetMaplePoodles.com

Wolfe Island Poodles

Sophisticated, Stylish Standard Poodles!

Standard Poodles are easily trained, extremely obedient, and love to please their owners. Standard poodles are typically 22 to 28 inches at the shoulders and can weigh 40 to 85 pounds. Though Standard Poodles are a big breed you will certainly not find a more sophisticated, stylish and mild dog . This is why they get so much acknowledgment in the show ring. Standard poodles make excellent household pets and do very well with children.

In our opinion the most versatile breed anyone could ask for is the Standard Poodle. This athletic breed does not shed and is not at all “Frou-Frou” or sissy. Standards are very happy on a farm, hiking, swimming, playing games and hunting. They are also very content to be a couch potato in an apartment with brief outings to play. They enjoy homes with a houseful of children, older couples or a single human companion. They do great with other pets as well.

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