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McEnery Standard Poodles

We are a family/small conservative breeder residing in the Houston Texas area that is excited to offer you a beautiful and healthy AKC registered standard poodle. Puppies come from health tested parents and are sold on LIMITED REGISTRATION. Our babies are a part of our family for the 1st 8 weeks of life until they are apart of yours. They live in the house with us and are socialized with a ton of human interaction, contact and love by my husband and me as well as our 5 beautiful children. At birth-3 weeks they are kept in a nice quiet nursery where they can grow and bond with their mother. At 4 weeks old they are brought out into our living room where they can get used to the sounds, smells and sights of life! Whether that be the noise of the TV, our children or myself cooking in the kitchen, they are used to human interaction to say the least! I also begin the house training process at 5 weeks old so that by the time they go home with you, they are 90% house trained. They will undergo an aptitude test at 49 days old so we can help in determining the best puppy that will nicely suit your family’s needs in your new family member however, I can see the different personality traits usually within the 1st few weeks. Poodles are a wonderful breed perfect for anyone and any age. They are great with children and are wonderful for allergy sufferers as they are non shedding and hypoallergenic. The poodle is extremely intelligent. This makes house breaking and training a breeze. The standard poodle was originally bred for hunting making him very strong and athletic, yet he is also a lovable and affectionate couch potato with a fun sense of humor too. He is very protective of his family making him a fine security system but don’t be surprised if this fierce and tough, gentle hearted furbaby climbs up in your arms and forgets that he isn’t a toy poodle! He is a standard poodle! Standard poodle families all agree that a poodle is not a dog, he is a poodle! They are quite magical and there is no breed like them. Waiting lists are open. If you would like to be added to our puppy list please contact me.

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